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The idea behind Restore Snohomish is simple, literally, IT IS SIMPLE.

RESTORE SNOHOMISH exists as the outreach arm of ministries connected Restoration Road Church (RRC). This name will exist as a DBA under our current 501C3 umbrella established by RRC.

Restore Snohomish seeks to draw the entire body of Christ in Snohomish county together to use the human, financial and spiritual resources of many churches, students, and businesses from the area to manifest His love to the poor and oppressed in our city and see the Kingdom of God established.

This kind of mission requires organization.  Restore Snohomish is designed to help promote and organize this effort to as to make it more effective.  The idea is quite simple.  We want to serve as a place where people can learn WHAT the needs are in and around their city and then HOW they can help meet those very needs. 

While this effort may be spearheaded by one church, we hope it will become the collective vision of many churches to RESTORE SNOHOMISH. 


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